Invisible for you (translation)


I translated my german entry Was ihr nicht seht (II) in english. Some phrases may sound a bit different with respect to the origin since I generally prefer to express my thoughts and feelings in english.

How to explain autism/Asperger’s in a way to be understood? Depending on attention span and given time window of my dialogue partner, I miss often the really important parts of my explanation. It’s always a feeling of high pressure because it’s a a thin line between mistaken for a savant and being underrated in what I’m able to do. Here in Austria, most people never heared of Asperger himself, so if I say autism, people automatically think of autism in terms of Leo Kanner (infantile autism) who defined much more narrow symptomes than Hans Asperger. I also have to stress out that autism is not a fashion label and despite we may share some of these symptomes, not all people including you will automatically be autistic.
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