Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

It looks like I decided to study a job branche where long term tasks are not likely. I have to deal with major changes and when quick decisions are required.

You know very well how difficult it is for autistic persons to deal with sudden change. Either you can take it or you have to leave it. 

I’ve done quite a lot things proving I’m good in what I studied. I don’t know what else would be sufficient for a living. Hiking guide, photography, writing – not promising enough in these rough times. I highly dislike uncertainty, especially the risk of becoming dependent on social welfare.I’m not a  person who is willing to try something new every 2 years. 

So there is no plan B, at least not now.I also cannot neglect the rapidly worsening political climate. It appears unlikely to have better social conditions for poor people and especially those with disabilities. I feel it is a wrong time for facing experiments. So I have to try it. I’ll do.

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